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  • Overlooked, unidentified and misclassified merger, acquisition or sale assets
  • Unnoticed refunds from government and licensing agencies
  • Unclaimed overpayments
  • Unexercised warrants and options
  • Unclaimed Credit Balances and Unclaimed Cash Bonds

It is not uncommon for a single corporation or individual to be owed thousands or even millions of dollars without even knowing it. Unfortunately, these and many other "off balance sheet" assets are held by organizations that are under no obligation to contact the rightful owners.

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In the past two decades, we've worked with some of the largest corporations and financial institutions in the country to recover more than forty million dollars.

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Every year, millions of dollars are lost due to mistakes made by government agencies and financial institutions.

In addition, there are millions more in unclaimed assets owed to corporations, businesses and individuals. These include:

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