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One of the most satisfying aspects of our job is that we have the opportunity to demonstrate to clients that, every once in a great while, something that sounds way too good to be true actually is true. It puts a smile on our faces every time.

Q:  How are we paid?

A:  Most of the time we work on a contingency basis and collect a percentage of the assets we recover. We earn our fees once our clients receive their funds. Some clients prefer to sell the rights to the asset rather than to have us collect it on their behalf.

Q:  Why can’t we just recover the asset ourselves?

A: You can – provided you know where it is held. We focus on identifying assets that have remained unclaimed for long periods of time and are held by organizations that are not obligated to contact the rightful owners and will not be returned without filing a claim. These assets are among the most difficult to find and recover.

Q:  What will happen to these funds if we do not take action?

A:  The funds we locate will not be returned without filing a claim. In many cases, there is a finite window of opportunity to recover the assets before they are forfeited.

Q:  How could our finance department not know about money that is owed our organization? Is someone at our company responsible for this?

A:  In all likelihood, the answer is NO. When we find an error or oversight, a government agency or financial institution with incorrect or obsolete information is most frequently the cause. Many of the assets we find are refunds from government and licensing agencies. Others are overlooked, unidentified or misclassified merger and acquisition assets. 

  • Overlooked, unidentified and misclassified merger, acquisition or sale assets
  • Unnoticed refunds from government and licensing agencies
  • Unclaimed overpayments or deposits
  • Unexercised warrants and options
  • Unclaimed Credit Balances and Unclaimed Cash Bonds

Q:  Where are the funds we seeks to recover held? 

A:  The majority of the funds we recover are held by government agencies or financial institutions. Assets we typically recover include:

Q:  This all sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?

A:  We realize that most things that sound too good to be true usually aren’t. Most of the time, we find convincing a potential client that they actually are entitled to a large some of money presents more of a challenge for us than recovering the asset itself. That’s the nature of our business. Fortunately our record and client list speaks for itself. Over the past 20 years we’ve collected more than $40,000,000 in assets for a long list of clients that includes Bank of America, Boeing, Walgreens, Ford, Shell, Honeywell, Lowes and a host of others.

Q:  If my organization is owed money, why haven’t we been informed?

A: In many cases, the organizations holding the assets do attempt to notify the rightful owners but are unsuccessful. This could be due to any number of reasons. For example, with a merger or acquisition, the company names, locations and contact information they have on file are no longer correct. In other cases holders are no longer required to contact the legal claimants because statutory time limits are placed by certain fund holding entities. Once this time expires, these assets become unrecoverable. Our goal is to expedite your claim and return your money back to you as quickly as possible.

Q:  Why are we able to find assets that we cannot?

A:  The foundation of our success lies in our proprietary research methodology, which has taken decades to develop and is constantly being refined. When we discover a significant unclaimed asset we verify the funds, then, utilizing a variety of records, we identify, locate and contact the rightful owners.