Specializing In Recovery of Unclaimed Property

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  • Funds will not escheate to the state.
  • Funds will not be paid unless a proper claim is filed.

At that point, should they choose to become clients, we work with them through every step of the recovery process. This includes providing necessary forms and preparing any documentation required to execute a claim and expedite processing.


We work purely on a contingency basis. There are no upfront costs and we don't earn our fees unless and until our clients receive their funds. Our recovery process is professional and requires minimal effort on your behalf.


Some companies prefer to sell the rights to the asset rather than have us collect it on their behalf. This is something we are able to accommodate as well.

  • Funds are not held by a state Controller and cannot therefore be identified by a search of any state unclaimed asset list.

Our company has an unparalleled record of success in identifying and recovering unclaimed assets for our clients.

The foundation of our success lies in our proprietary research methodology, which has taken decades to develop and is constantly being refined.

We focus on identifying assets that have remained unclaimed for long periods of time and are held by source-holders that are not obligated to contact the rightful owners and will not be returned without filing a claim. These assets are among the most difficult to find and recover.

Typically, these assets are also rarely sought after because most entities or individuals are unaware that they even exist.

When we discover a significant unclaimed asset we verify the funds, then, utilizing a variety of records, we identify, locate and contact the rightful owners.

About the assets we recover: